In the year 2050, a rebel group of techno hackers uncovered a way to generate enough energy to power their weapon systems in order to defend themselves against the endless onslaught of their robot overlords. Now armed with fission grenades as well as rail guns and laser guns; they fought against the enemy bot net, destroying one of their main datacenter power sources. The day of this insurgent victory later became known as Solhacker Freedom Day.

Cyberwars Roadmap

Gamerplex aims to build as fast as possible. All proposed dates are subject to change dependant on unforeseen development roadblocks.

Q3 2021

Phase 3

Demonstrate Cyberwars world concept built out on Unreal Engine 4

Add player controls

Test game optimization for PC & Mobile

Build out basic weapon systems

Build out mission system

Introduce robot enemy combatants

Introduce Cybertruck driving

Q4 2021

Phase 4

Improve Cybertruck controls

Build green/red zones

Integrate with Stardust for Solana NFT blockchain management

Improve Cybertruck driving controls

Audius music integration

In game NFT item integration

Stardust wallet management

Playable Beta for Solana Ignition Hackathon